Our Rods

Curtain end models.

Clery Decor offers you all types of tips :

Modern Style :
– Ball
– Pommeau
– Cap
Baroque style :
– Louis XIV Urn
– Empire Pine cone
– Louis XVI Acanthus

Curtain support models

Clery Decor all types of supports :

– Angled support
– Double support
– Support between walls
– Support rails: Face and Ceiling
– Cradle support (adjustable)
– Fitting support with a plate
– Collar Support

Rods models

We can provide you with custom-made bent (rounded) rods but also all types of rods:

– Brass rods
– Wrought iron rods
– Full color rods
– Contemporary type rods
– Railway Rods (Rails)
– Flat rods


Clery Decor offers all types of accessories on request.
Contact us for availability.

Glass Collection

You will find at Clery Decor all models of glazing.
Contact us for availability.


We put at your disposal all models of blinds (Boat, Japanese, Roller, Venetian). Feel free to contact us.